RF-RGB-MC V2 | Wet Sounds RF RGB Music Controller W/ Touch Activated Remote

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Take control of your Wet Sounds LED speakers with the RF RGB Music Controller w/ Touch Activated Remote. With the Wet Sounds RF-RGB-MC V2 you can run up to 10 meters (38ft.) of led strips without a doubt. This handy remote controls your LED speakers using the most advanced PWM (pulse width modulation) remote control technology. You can choose your favorite accent color, or explore five multi-light color change modes or three music modes — you can set the mood or set the lights to react to the beat of the music. All in all, you'll find thousands of different color combinations available.


• 3 Music modes - LED lighting reacts with the beat of the music
• 5 Preprogrammed color changing modes
• Can power up to 10 meters (38') of LED lighting per controller
• Choose your favorite single color to match your boat
• Built in Dimmer Control
• RF Remote with touch sensitive color wheel
• 12v, 7.5A input