REVO 12 HP S4-B V2 | Wet Sounds 12" High Power Marine Subwoofer

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High Power REVO subs are recommended for applications where there is adequate room for a specifically designed sealed or ported subwoofer enclosure. 

Full specifications to design enclosures for REVO HP Subs are available here. Both 10” & 12” REVO HP Subs are available in Black frames (with metallic grey cones) & single 4 Ohm impedance.

All REVO Subwoofers are sold without grills. 8 different grill designs are available separately for all versions of 10” & 12” REVO HP & FA subwoofers. This will enable users to have matching grills on both REVO Coaxial In-Boat speakers & REVO Subwoofers.

Optional RGB LED Kits are available to fit under all REVO 10” & 12” subwoofer grills to enable users to have thousands of LED light display combinations. 

RMS Watts 500
Impedance 4 ohms
PEAK Watts 1000
Sensitivity 88 db at 1watt/1 meter
Weight 17.6 lbs (7.98 kg)
Diameter 12.6 inches w/grill (320.04 mm)
Hole Cut Out 11.26 inches (286.0 mm)
Mounting Depth 4.92 inches (124.96 mm)
Frequency Response 20Hz to 400HZ
Box Specs Min 1.1 cu ft sealed enclosure or 1.7 cu ft ported
Series REVO
Sub Size 12"
Cone Color Black with Gray Cone
Application Type Enclosure